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Dollar Shave Club, “Our Brand Is F***ing Strong”


Just a few days ago, March 14th to be exact, I posted “Dollar Shave Club Is Blushing“. I wrote it after receiving word from Dollar Shave Club that my order would be delayed in shipping. Seems the 3.5+ million viewers of their video “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” brought a landslide of orders to the company.

The shipment finally arrived. The handle is substantial and appropriately techy. The blades are top shelf. Almost just as importantly I’m pleased to see that they’ve maintained their offbeat sense of humor in the packaging of DSC’s products. The image above is from one side of card inserted in the packaging. The “present this card at any bar in America for a free drink” caused me to do a double take.

Dollar Shave Club’s approach to business, marketing and customer interaction is wholly refreshing. The takeaway’s from DSC are straightforward. But in today’s overcomplicated world simple concepts can get overlooked. From Dollar Shave Club’s business approach there are lessons for all brands to bear in mind:

  • Be Original – a good idea trumps good marketing
  • Be Creative – good marketing is made great by a good idea
  • Be Consistent – good execution is appreciated when it is in line with expectations
  • Be True – brand identity is easier to communicate when it aligns with company core values

In an age where it’s difficult to discern Goodwill’s marketing from that of Old Navy or when Hyundai designs a better looking automobile than the leading luxury badges, it’s refreshing to see a company with an original idea come along. As a start-up smooth sailing is not assured. Just the same, I’d bet on Dollar Shave Club’s chances over, say…Best Buy’s.

Oh, and the blades? They are pretty darn good!

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